About The Mango Season

Summer in India is remembered for its heat waves and the mango season. The memory of having a delicious mango on a hot summer day is a powerful one, as it is a reminder of how a small fruit can bring much needed joy amidst the hot and humid weather.

In recent times, a large number of scams have surfaced at all levels of India’s state and national governance. This coupled with growing inflation have called attention to the corruption, nepotism, and inefficiency at all levels of the administration. At the same time the elected officials who are in power keep taking decisions that favor themselves much more than the people who have elected them.  This wave of apathy that India’s common men and women face from the ruling political class is nothing short of heat wave during the summer. To put it mildly, it is deeply annoying as everyone feels totally helpless against the system.

Amidst this political apathy, we are also witnessing a very impressive phenomenon of democracy. There has been a steady rise in the number of concerned citizens (young and old) who want to change the status quo, who reject the idea of nepotism/favoritism in governance, and importantly who are demanding change and accountability by refusing to remain on the sidelines and accept failure. They are taking a bold step forward to enter the system and change it from within. This rise of the common man (aam aadmi) into mainstream politics is the advent of a new era which we believe will be just as powerful as the mango season is to a hot Indian summer. We believe that every concerned Indian must support such efforts. This site aims to honor such individuals for their courageous work, we will provide basic information on the candidates so that voters can get to know them and reach out to them.

 (Disclaimer : The name of this site is just a play of words, an analogy equating the mango season (aam season) to the entry of the common man (aam aadmi) into mainstream politics. It is not intended to hurt, insult or demean anyone.)

Some links:

To donate to the movement: https://donate.aamaadmiparty.org/

To volunteer for the movement, simply send an email to volunteer [at] aamaadmiparty.org

or enroll via http://support.aamaadmiparty.org/

Official website of Aam Aadmi Party: http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/

Note: This website is purely a volunteer effort of a few individuals who support the public movement of Aam Aadmi Party and believe that clean politics requires efforts by citizens also.